Christian Braut

Both musician and computer engineer, Christian Braut combined his two passions and became a computer music engineer when the first computerised equipment came onto the market in the early 80’s.

In 1989 he joined the Keyboards team of editors and later launched the magazine Home Studio of which he was chief editor from 1992 to 1999. He collaborated in several specialised publications, co-wrote “Musique et ordinateur” (Music and computers), prefaced by Jean-Michel Jarre, then the “Livre d’Or de la Norme Midi, a major reference book of 1600 pages which was translated into Dutch, German and English (The Musician’s Guide to Midi).

In 1993 Michel Geiss, to whom Alain Daniélou had entrusted the development of an instrument designed to apply the theory he put forward in his book “Sémantique Musicale”, enlisted the services of Christian Braut, who took charge of the Midi and computer technology parts of the project.

In 2010, whilst Michel Geiss was working on the conception of a 2nd version of the instrument named the Semantic-36, Christian Braut was beginning work on a virtual instrument, the Semantic-53, with the collaboration of Jacques Dudon (microtonality expert) and Arnaud Sicard (development of UVI applications). The Semantic Daniélou-36 V2 was finalised in 2013 and the Semantic Daniélou-53 in 2015.

Christian Braut is also the founder of the web agency Archipel Studios, as well as a “panorama photographer” and a singer-songwriter who goes by the name of Monsieur Gontrand (5 albums currently released).