The Alain Daniélou Foundation is an independent foundation, operating entirely on income from the limited capital with which it was endowed by its founders, Alain Daniélou and Jacques Cloarec.
The Alain Daniélou Foundation receives no regular funding from public institutions and only receives donations earmarked for explicit events.
Of the Foundation’s many worthwhile projects, many are not implemented for lack of funds.

If you appreciate the Semantic Daniélou S-53, should our tenets and activities meet with your approval, any donation is very welcome. Donors are included among the “Friends of Alain Daniélou Foundation”.
Donations may be made either to the Foundation’s account or via Paypal.


To make a donation via Paypal:


Bank transfer

To make a donation via bank transfer:

IBAN : IT24I0200839510000103329761
Country : Italia
Bank name : UniCredit
Bank address : Zagarolo (30228)

Please provide your contact details in order for us to thank you and to inform you how your kind donation will be used: