The India Europe Foundation for New Dialogues (FIND) and the Atelier d’Exploration Harmonique (AEH) are pleased to invite you to participate to a musical competition based on the just intonation system devised by Alain Danielou for the Semantic instrument.

Create a few minutes of music with the Semantic Danielou-53 available as a free download from this website and participate to the Semantic Microtonal Music International Competition!

Closing date for entries: 31th January 2018


Register for the competition by filling this form:

This instrument and its user manual can be freely downloaded here.

Competition Rules

1.In a first period, pieces (under Creative Commons licence BY NC ND) will be sent by the participants in the form of mp3 files 160 kbps or more, each with a title and one line of presentation, along with the name of the Semantic Danielou-53 tuning used.
2.It is possible to send several pieces as long as they last a minimum of 1′ each and a maximum of 5′.
3.Pieces may include other instruments tuned with the Semantic tunings, but all pieces must use the Semantic instrument and at least 1 piece must have been performed entirely with it.
Scala files of the Semantic tunings and Semantic Danielou-53 user manuals in french and english can be downloaded here:
4.Technical help if required can be asked in french or english through the FaceBook “Intonation Juste” group:
5.Re-recordings and external sound treatments are permitted ; musical styles are completely open.
6.Closing date for entries: 31th January 2018.
7.The selected pieces will be presented in various places in France and Italy, and broadcasted in the Semantic pages of the Alain Danielou website.
8.Five prizes, of 200 € each, will be given out to the selected participants.
Depending of the selected pieces, the prizes may precise specific qualities such as :
Best composition, Best composer, Extra-european cultures, Symphonic, Microtonal Jazz, Microtonal rock, Electronic, Neo-traditional, Sound poetry, Ambient music, Musical innovation, Improvised music, Music for dance, Musical theater, New music styles…
9.The results will be published on the Internet in several microtonal music groups.
10.Without engagement to do it, FIND may be allowed to edit a CD mix of a collection of the best creations.